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since 1957 we have challenged convention and celebrated authenticity.

because we believe that all, absolutely all people deserve to feel beautiful.

We believe in the transformative power of each dress.

That beyond being a garment; It is an opportunity that empowers us, surrounds us with security and allows us to manifest our authenticity.

Our garments transmit the legacy of those who have left their mark on our lives.

Imposing, confident women, with an overwhelming personality and an enviable attitude who have taught us invaluable lessons.


At Tot-Hom, sustainability is not just a choice; It is an integral part of our narrative. With workshops in Barcelona and national manufacturing, we create fashion with a positive impact on our environment.

We value uniqueness and diversity in our team and creations.

In our workshop each person contributes their unique perspectives. We preserve the essence of our history, highlighting the quality and good work that has been the basis of the brand.

Exploring Creativity and Innovation

We value and preserve the essence of our history. Our journey as third-generation designers has strengthened us, allowing us to confidently embrace creativity and innovation.As the third generation of designers, our journey has strengthened us and given us the security necessary to embrace creativity and innovation.

This experience has opened new opportunities for us with Andrea and Alejandra, who have expanded our atelier and presented three new lines: Línea A, Prêt-à-Porter, and Tot-Hom&Co.

Maintaining the same elegance and sophistication that characterizes us, offering designs that adapt to the comfort of today’s woman. Andrea and Alejandra have contributed their creativity to reflect the evolution of Tot-Hom in each piece.


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